AceScreen: Don't sleep, screen!

AceScreen is a smart way to keep your screen active.

How often do you touch the screen of your phone or tablet to prevent it from turning off? Perhaps each of us has encountered this small but constant inconvenience at some time. It's time to tame your screen! And AceScreen will help you with this.

Install AceScreen on your phone or tablet and get the peace of mind you've always dreamed of. Stay focused on your tasks and AceScreen takes care of your phone or tablet display. No more pointless tapping on the screen!

How AceScreen works

AceScreen prevents your device from going to sleep based on your current circumstances. AceScreen offers two modes of operation which will fit almost any situation of your daily life:

Automatic mode

When in automatic mode, AceScreen uses your device sensors and other available information to get the job done.

– Holding in hand. When you hold the device in your hand, the screen will remain on. (accelerometer required)

– The device is tilted. When your phone or tablet is tilted, even slightly, the display is still on! It's nice to read while you're eating, isn't it? (gyroscope required)

– The device lies horizontally. If you place the device on a level surface and do not use it for a while, the display will turn off soon. Yes exactly! No need to press the power button.

Manual mode

If you toggle manual mode on, AceScreen will keep your screen on until you turn it off manually.

AceScreen's core values:

– Simplicity. The user shouldn't get lost in a bunch of settings. The default configuration should be suitable for most users.

– Reliability. The user must be sure that the application does not let him down at the most inconvenient moment.

– Resource economy. Battery life and other resources should be handled delicately.

– User privacy. The application should only ask for the permissions and user information that it really needs.

We are users just like you

Initially, we created this application for internal use and have been successfully using AceScreen in our daily life for a long time. We have constantly been improving our app, based on a variety of situations that we ourselves face every day.

True story from Alec, the lead developer of AceScreen: During those years, I often lectured. I used to take my notes for the upcoming lecture on my phone. But the same misfortune haunted me all the time. At the most inopportune moment of my lecture, in the place of my notes, I saw a black screen. I probably tried all the apps that were available at that time. Some apps worked better, some worse. But they all let me down. That's why I fell in love with the idea of ​​creating AceScreen. And I didn't notice how this newly created app became my good friend both at work and in everyday life.

Customer service

If you have any feedback or questions, please use the "Contact support" menu option inside the app.